who do the hoodoo like i do?

hoodoo collageWho says the Hoodoos have to be blue?


The first hoodoo work i did was bright colours too (Hoodoo Sky, 2009):

hoodoo sky

I still might not use the middle photo in any work yet, but one can dream. It’s definitely NOT the right background for the Ubiquitous Poppy Project. Whatever i use it for, i want to be sure i am doing the right thing before i start marking and cutting.


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like a nebula


I won’t tell you what dyes were mixed and thrown parfait style into this–the purists would be appalled. That being said, look at how the colours struck!






Now, does it work with this? And can i “waste” some by covering it????? (Although the thought of trimming away at the back to save those areas is a good one.)



I like the orientation with the darker areas at top.



Or is it just too busy?

Whether or not i actually use it is another question, but i do know now that parfait dyeing is the way for me, not snow dyeing!!! (There are ice parfait methods as well, but why bother complicating things????)

There’s another flower in progress for it, it still needs leaves of a sort, some stems and a few smaller pods.




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sum of the parts = ?

Putting this together now and hoping i can find the right background for it! I’ve auditioned a few pieces, but find them either too busy or too plain. I may have to create something specific for it.

pod and flower fb

This was really fiddly to put together! There was a lot of squooging, smooshing and borgling involved to fill gaps and fit pieces snugly. At the same time this gives me hope for large pieces done this way. Though the wings on “Strange Soul Take Flight” and “The Weight She Carries” were large, they were very linear to work with, one row after another after another, very straightforward. Working in a circular pattern is problematic in correct placement of the pieces, and then of working the whole.

At the same time, i’m thrilled with the way this deliciously juicily patterned Lacativa fabric worked with the idea. Luscious colouring made it easy to keep going :) I have a small hoard of Deb’s fabrics, and wanting to use them for awhile, they are perfect for this technique. I’m lucky enough to have a few more largish pieces from her talented hand and may work them into this one as well.

arlee barr poppy flower embroidery

Golden Rule of William Morris, an English textile designer from the 1800s: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”


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no thinking needed, just a bit of mending, some colour as autumn makes the trees bare their bones


slowfashion1 mend



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“Slow Fashion Style”

I have no fashion “style” :) Beyond being clean, neat, respectably covered and not blinding anyone with bling or belly fat, i usually wear coloured jeans and a “nice” shirt to work, and loose comfy pyjama pants and a tank top at home. In my 30’s i could and did wear a different outfit everyday, from western country star, to gothy princess, lacey loose hippie chick or redstretchvelveted hotbod nightclub attendee to supertightjeaned rock star mom with the mirrored sunglasses.

In my 40’s clothes became less important for looks and more desirable for comfort. Menopause and an aging body put the kibosh on a lot of cleavage (unless i needed to cool off those damn hotflashes), short skirts (not with these generous alabaster thighs!) and lookatme (insert ridiculously highly exorbitant price tag) styles.


Whatever it was that i wore whenever, i made it myself, or adjusted things from the thrift emporiums. I HATE shopping, especially for clothing. Now it seems that my size and age,at least in the marketer’s mind, dictate wearing things with shiney appliques sewn in “tribal” patterns, bling up the ying and “bold” patterns????????????????? I don’t want to look like a Faberge tent. I don’t want to look like anyone else either.

I am fully capable of making new clothes, maybe even fashionable, pretty ones–but i’m not interested. I like being able to fade into the background. I want people to look at my face, listen to my words (even if i am ranting or whining :) ) and following trends has never been less important to me than now. That being said, my love of stitching inspired me to sign up for Katrina Rodabaugh’s “slow fashion style” project.  Sustainable fashion, visible mending, and natural dyes–these interest me.

I bought these three years ago–not because the deliberate holes were “the thing” of the moment, but because i didn’t have to fork a lot of coin out. They are in good shape, but i cannot wear them to work—-our clients can wear them on their buffed sun kissed skinny rich asses, but not us shopgirls who serve them……..

jeans before

Those holes MUST be darned and patched–i can make ‘em less raggy so the RB’s (and my boss) won’t be offended.


jeans before 2

The pockets always drove me nuts–every time i’d stick my hand in, the reverse edges of those blingiethings would shove under the edge of my fingernail…..gonna take them off and accent that beigey stitching.


You can’t join in now, alas, as sign up was the 2nd of October, but she does and has other cool stuff to show and words to say at


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almost ready for assembly

progress to oct 14

A few more stitches and this will be put together on the weekend. Because the end result with all of the components i have planned, it’s going to be another big one, around 30×40″, a project that will take some time.


I’m eager to move on to some new ideas–with old ideas :)  Going to be working from this:

From 2008 (!), i want to start back with the rocks and mixing naturals and neutrals with some colour.


And something i am in love with right now, in keeping with both my day job as primary floral designer at the fffFlower mines, and with the natural forms i love so much. These planters are Art! DirtSimple.

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Throughout my life, i have walked with others who looked either at the trees or the sky as they wandered, eeling around branches and sinking into beds of moss, parts of their path, or those who marched resolutely straight forward along the path breaking branches, sweeping leaves to clear the way, the path the only thing they see.

I am the one who finds the cradles, the bones, the stones of the footing.

Little riders,

kananaskis rust red cbreaking down, a kiss is just a kiss, as time goes by

a kiss is just a kiss as time goes byencapsulation and release

kananaskis rust red CCshattering into separate roads and hearts

broken heartstains and thick, filling scratches and holes

the stain left behinda pillow to rest on

to rest her headas the riddles are solved

riddlesbut it’s not all serious, painful or introspective



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