and two and three

It doesn’t always have to be complicated.




and three


Both within that 4″ framework.

That being said, i have found my Next Big Thing. HUZZAH!

And it is complicated :) Though i am thinking of a 24×40″ size, it may end larger–or smaller. “Big Thing” doesn’t necessarily mean size, but how important it is for me to commit to. In the notes and sketches stage, i probably won’t be able to start it until next week–after all, it’s Easter week at the damn flower mines and that means more hours there than in the stoodio……..


Raggedy Black Heart –redux of sorts

Raggedy Black Heart_arlee barr_CbAs much as i love this one, it is time to let it go into the world. If you are interested, and would like to work out a payment plan, please email me at arlee dot is at gmail dot com– you may see more info and details here

(Published in issue 38 of verFilzt Und zugeNacht)



new “old” posts again

Again i am moving more posts from the SQSP blog, so don’t get too excited about new work or stuff in the shop–there ain’t such a thing happening right now :) Just look at the date things were “posted” for relevance!

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i’m still here……

In body, if not embroidering spirit :)

deer me


making a habit

It’s said that it takes 30 days to make something a habit. This is my new habit, something i can work on that is extremely portable, very open in interpretation and technique, and something therefore that i can do when i want to complain that i am bored, have “nothing to do”, don’t *know* what to do, “have no time”, or to fill time. Keeping the hand in, so to speak. I deliberately sized each piece small, though the whole when done could be substantial. Or i could do something like these again with each piece. It’s not so daunting to do something every day if it doesn’t scare the bazotski off ya.


first square c

1face correctedcolour c

so far.

The cloth i used was from my 2012 ACAD residency. I whinged about cutting it into small pieces then thought BOTHER–i’ve had it for almost 2 and a half years and it hadn’t been slated for anything ever OR yet, so why not? It’s just cloth, not gold or bread.

line-dancing c(On a side note, obviously it was meant to be, because the other three pieces in this photo became respectively from left to right, Strange Soul Take Flight’s background, a disappeared piece–lost last year in The Flood possibly?, the third i tore into these chunks— and yep, that huge piece is Anno Suturae. All of these pieces were wet too when the photo was taken, so aren’t quite as vibrant as they look, that pesky dry/wet ratio comparison…….)

I made some “rules” for myself: at the beginning of each week, i will randomly pick 7 of the 4″ squares i ripped that large piece into (81 in total), attach them to my preferred cotton flannelette “batting”, then each day randomly pick one of those seven to work on. I am not allowed to look at previous pieces to copy, match, extend, react to, riff on or plan ahead with. I am also not allowed to do more than one a day, though i may choose to do a circle a day on something else. (Thinking my poor abandoned Traveller’s Blanket might be the ticket there…) And i don’t have to do one a day as some take more than a few minutes!

Yeah, it sounds incredibly micro-managey. It’s also a way to track the evolution of ideas and execution. It’s discipline. I don’t meditate, i have several bad habits, so WTH.

I will also not beat myself up if i don’t get a square done a day–life has a habit itself (NARF snort) of throwing cans of smashed assholes in the way, and life happens every day, so.

And lovely to note that this June i will again be in residency at ACAD, and have the time, space and focus to create more of those huge fabrics!


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old “new posts”

May show up in your feed as “New”–moving posts from SquareSpace which expires at the end  of this month, back here. And soon this blog will be full, so you’ll have to come see me at albedo 2.0 :)

And it’s said that it takes 30 days to make something a habit–i’ve started one. Details later.


crisis of…………

Faith? Ennui? Apathy? I *want* to seize on The Next Big Thing—but i don’t know what it is yet. It’s not that i don’t have a million ideas and workbooks full of preliminary development. Do my heroes in the textile world go through this?

I’m not anymore able to “fill in time” by doing fast and dirty little bits. No interest in whack-it-out “art” though it used to be my forte :)

I don’t know what the answer is.

What was the question again?



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