hello again my old friend

The SquareSpace blog disappears in 10 days–vanished, extinguished and vanquished, i am not paying for it again. Expect to see “new” old posts popping up here in the coming weeks–just check the date for freshness :)


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goin’ Minoan: four

Trying out faces and stitch types for Next Big Thing, heretofore known as NBT. This small thing is not so bad, even if i’m not getting one a day done. Still keeps the hand in.

four cI like these stitches and juxtapositions, though the face is rather too simple for upcoming work, but she was still fun to do.

And apologies to all i owe email answers to and for your blog comments–it was Easter week, i’m the “Lead Designer” right now while the boss is away and i am POOPED. I did take my crayons yesterday because though while the fffffFlower Mines were open, it was pretty dead customer wise–a few more sketches for NBT, and soonly i hope to share some ideas.




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maybe Spring is here after all

Tulips have always been my favourite flower to photograph: sensual, feminine and yet clean and graphic, i love all the colours and shapes they come in.


tulips 4


tulips 2

These beauties are now on my side table in my stitching corner, reminding me that while it is brown and damp outside, soon enough it will be green, blooming and bounteous again.

And this week should see some actual stitching done again now that Easter week at the ffffFlower Mines is over–Bah Humbunny!

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and two and three

It doesn’t always have to be complicated.




and three


Both within that 4″ framework.

That being said, i have found my Next Big Thing. HUZZAH!

And it is complicated :) Though i am thinking of a 24×40″ size, it may end larger–or smaller. “Big Thing” doesn’t necessarily mean size, but how important it is for me to commit to. In the notes and sketches stage, i probably won’t be able to start it until next week–after all, it’s Easter week at the damn flower mines and that means more hours there than in the stoodio……..


Raggedy Black Heart –redux of sorts

Raggedy Black Heart_arlee barr_CbAs much as i love this one, it is time to let it go into the world. If you are interested, and would like to work out a payment plan, please email me at arlee dot is at gmail dot com– you may see more info and details here

(Published in issue 38 of verFilzt Und zugeNacht)



new “old” posts again

Again i am moving more posts from the SQSP blog, so don’t get too excited about new work or stuff in the shop–there ain’t such a thing happening right now :) Just look at the date things were “posted” for relevance!

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i’m still here……

In body, if not embroidering spirit :)

deer me


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