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Because BigCartel has that really annoying glitch right now, i’ve decided to temporarily put the listings here. You WILL have to email me and i will invoice you–it will also be first come first grabbed because of this.

These are the ones that are still available. Shipping of 2.00 anywhere, with second, third, fourth pieces each having another $1.00 added–this will be added to the price under each listing. (IE buy one, pay 2, buy 2 pay 3, buy 3 pay 4, etc.) EDIT: 7:04PM, there are more to be listed but the light is wrong now for photographing them–this morning it was too blue, and now it’s too yellow :) )



L1 b

Dreamy landscape of ecoprinted coreopsis and cotinus ready for a mountain fog story. Cotton 17.5×30″ $17.00




L2 c

Lady’s mantle, coreopsis, and cranesbill on cotton with lots of room to stitch a story. Cotton 21.5×29″ $17.00


#3 and #4 SOLD




L5 b

Mirror sister to #4, and more petite, this gorgeous silk charmeuse is ecoprinted with cotinus, lady’s mantle and coreopsis, creating an enchanted sunset glow. Silk charmeuse 12.75×20.5″ $18.00




L6 b

Cotinus and 2 varieties of coreopsis pair in unrestrained, clearly detailed ecoprint. Soft shades of lavender and mauve to golden yellow and rich olive. Silk 18×23″ $20.00


#7 in personal stash :)




L8 b

A large expanse of ecoprinted cotinus, coreopsis, peony and eucalyptus, this acreage could be sub-divided for several works. Cotton 21×24″ $18.00




L9 b

Mirror companion to #8, a richer, even larger expanse of ecoprinted cotinus, coreopsis, peony and eucalyptus, this acreage too could be sub-divided for several works. Silk 22×23″ $20.00


#10 sold




L11 b

Ecoprinted eucalyptus and cotinus for wonderful shades of olive, lavender, charcoal and gold–fabulous for a background or stripped and squared for borders and piecing in. Denser and richer than, but mirror to #10. Silk 13.5×23″ $15.00


The Wandering Path SOLD

the wandering path

the wandering path b

A seasonal stroll down a scrolling path, this coreopsis and cotinus ecoprint has twists and turns in every tiny detail. Cotton 13.5×26.5″ $16.00


Familiar Path SOLD

familiar path

familiar path b

Twining avenues of ecoprinted cotinus and coreopsis make this a dream that implores exploring. Silk charmeuse 16×27″ $18.00


Again, these are all first come, first serve–if you’re the first to email me requesting a Paypal invoice, it’s yours, with a small shipping fee added.

Contact me at arlee dot ar at gmail dot com–the invoice will come from arlee dot is at gmail dot com, so check your spam folders too please..

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shop update update :) and ‘nother shop too

EDIT Sept 1 12:32PM   BUgger– shop has to stay in maintenance mode until a glitch that allows two people to buy ONE thing is fixed!!!


A few more listings, because as i said, September and October here are the best–and only, sometimes—-period to do ecoprinting in Calgary!

I am keeping this one, but there are some in the shop that are semi similar :)


september dusk garden c

And a girl has to diversify too, so here’s my first “collection”, from an online print to order.

tank top paom 1

tank top paom 2

Details from “The Weight She Carries” are printed on tank tops—   Kewl, ay?????



shop update!!!!!!!

Yes, dear ones, September (which technically starts tomorrow i know!) and October are THE ecoprint months here in Calgary, and to that end there are some offerings finally in the shop!

L2 c C

L4 b C

L6 b C

A lovely series of ‘landscapes” are available at very reasonable prices. I do have to charge shipping now unfortunately, as Canada Post is outrageous now. Sorry about that, though i have tried to keep it down to a dull roar.

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while my thoughts are elsewhere

I do have many thoughts, good ones, great ones, ecstatic and hopeful, excited and reflective about my recent days with Yoshiko, but getting them into words is proving an exercise in deep thought to get them out clearly and concisely.

So in the meantime, i am “making hay while the sun shines” so to speak—i have realized over the past 4 years that Calgary, in my experience, has only TWO good months for ecoprinting, and that i had better take advantage, as September and October are the optimum times in my neighbourhood.

(Your mileage may vary if you’re in the same city or province..)

It’s kind of like walking and chewing gum right now: i’m Making and Meditating at the same time.

I am pretty much giving up on eucalyptus. The results are too variable, usually on the sad side, with imported materials. While i have access to it easily at the day job, it’s never predictable for colour or coverage–and everyone has done it to death by now, quite frankly. I’m going to stick to “local”, even if the leaves come from BC or Ontario, from friends. While Canada has a great number of growing zones, the base fact is that it’s still all above the 49th parallel so shares some attributes through those zones (we won’t talk about far North in the Yukon or NWT though…)

Cotinus (Smoke bush) from BC and a few materials from my own garden and Pickin’Zone (Coreopsis varieties, geranium, cranesbill, currant and osier) have resulted in these beauties:

cotinus 1c

cotinus and coreopsis 1

rocky mountain story b

sunswept 2


cotinus 1d

I have relearned the use/need for and my use of mordants, pre and during–and am thrilled again with the possibilities.


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when the truth speaks


you must sometimes just listen

don’t argue or add your own words, just listen

still processing the 2 day workshop with Yoshiko Wada–more posts to come


ready to stretch

My thumbs actually cramped at some points with “The Weight She Carries”. I don’t use a hoop, finding it very inhibiting, and some evenings, the left metacarpophalangeal especially would go whooooong and lock up, while the other would join company screaming in unison with the sore pads of the right hand pushing fingers! I also started hitching my right shoulder as i’d manipulate the fabric to get the right angle and direction for stitching from. Lordie, i *do* have “an old embroidery injury” now, several maybe!


After thinking i had an extra day and a half to finish, it turned out i didn’t, so the push was ON. Fortunately, there wasn’t as much as i thought there was to do, since this one has more void space than normal in my work. I didn’t want to clutter up the figure, preferring it be implied rather than obvious, so a bit more of the roses and we were done that part. A slight scattering of honeycombs, some rootie vining across the gnarlied areas and BOOM, ready to stretch/mount on its frame.

Here’s the “official” Contextural exhibit poster. ACAD is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, something not mentioned on the poster.

contextural end of res 2014

A few days “off” from stitching because of the Yoshiko Wada dye workshop on Wed and Thurs,(i have plans for those results, though we are doing only small small samples) and then i’ll be back at it with something i’m working on to submit to the Canadian SDA national exhibit “Edge of the Forest”. Can’t show it though, as it will be blind jurying! Suffice it to say, that it too will probably result in more phalangeal phuzting, comphlaining and phpain until the Oct 1st deadline………oh, what we do for love!

I need to finish some projects too, but may end up doing that by cannabalizing and revamping!

While i am “relaxing”, how lucky i am! A friend entrusted lending her big beautiful very expensive copy of Dominique Cardon’s “Natural Dyes” book to me for a few days of personal reading, research and note taking! I WANT A COPY!!!!!! My dye garden is not that extensive after all, it being a strange summer weather wise, from 30C+ temps and intense sun to days of 12C and pissin’ cold rain, so the poor plants can’t make up their minds whether to grow or seed, or something in between which results in rather strange little reproductive games. Ah well, i did get things to grow, and learned what to do for next year, and with the help of this wonderful tome, i will have new information and ideas to try out. EDIT: After perusing this book, while i learned a few new things, some history and some science--very important to this dyer—it’s not something i will add to my library after all. Very spendy and no recipes really, though a wonderfully clear and beautiful book. If someone *gave* me a copy however :) , i’d be happy, but just can’t justify the expense.

Today though, i’m just going to dance in my garden!



First one flirts with the Idea, you go on a date, then, a second date, and if Idea is strong and soulful, on the third meeting you do the long dance with it. Conception happens, growth and gestation, forming buds here and a heart there, a wing maybe, and finally she is born, heaving and pushing, exhausting and exhausted.

The Weight She Carries_2014_arlee barr_fullview C

The Weight She Carries_2014_arlee barr_detail 1 C

The Weight She Carries_2014_arlee barr_detail 2 C

The Weight She Carries_2014_arlee barr_detail 3 C

She’s done and hung at ACAD. “The Weight She Carries” arlee barr 2014, hand dyed and hand embroidered, cotton and silk, 24×40″


Dedicated to Patricia Chauncey, for all her strengths and heart.




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