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I’m going to teach online again, now that my deadlines are met and passed!  No “samplers” (not that i ever expected anyone should do only that in previous classes!), no project(s) per se, though i will give some direction with a choice of subjects–or choose your own—but a definite serious time commitment is needed from students.

class pan A

This isn’t a beginner class, though you don’t have to be an expert either. You must know basic embroidery stitches as there won’t be lessons for each stitch, however sidebars may be added for experimental use of each stitch.The biggest requirements are patience and time. I ask you too that you be familiar with editing pictures and posting to a blog. Supplies needed will be small amounts of fabric and thread, depending on your project’s size.

class pan B

Classes will be taught through a dedicated private blog, so you have to let me know which email you will be using when you purchase the class, even/especially if you have a different email for your Paypal–this will be used for your “invitation” to the blog. A great amount of administrative work goes into these classes, things you don’t see as a student, so please make it easier on me and tell me the email you will be using–there is ALWAYS a space for notes like that when using Paypal for anything.

This is a class for handwork, no machines required. It will teach you how to add more dimension and tactility to an already textural art, and to look at shape and line critically to implement design and mood. Supply list, blog invitation and pertinent info needed to start will be sent out at the end of September.

The listing for this class is now active.


purple is on my mind

I enjoyed working with colour so much in the last piece, that i have dug through the fabrics and picked out two precious pieces of hand dyes created by my dear Deb.

fabricsI’m torn between using the yellow one as the background, or using a “natural” behind–i love both pieces above, but i also love pairing the natural and  Procion. Dilemma, dilemma! I’ll work the elements first in the forefront fabric, and then make the decision.

I’m thinking of poppies–the season, the tiny ones in my garden, the shape and lines, the evocative nature this flower has now. i *might* add the flower itself, but the pods are so sexy!

the ubiquitous poppy

This is also the piece i will be using to teach the online class i will be running at the end of September.


111 apples, and still counting

sept 10 am

sept 10

Above, first one in the morning of 4 days ago (the 10th), the second in the afternoon. On the 7th, it was 24C and gloriously sunny and green, today the 14th was 18C and gloriously sunny and green. This is why Calgary gardening is so unpredictable!


sept 14The 2 long branch sections will become fencing of a sort for a new vegetable patch next year. We cut some up for firewood for camping and Thomas the Ecoprint Cooker, picked as many apples as were good, and the last of the debris will be mulched by the city. This tree is venerated by this household and we want little to be “wasted” in whatever form!

Well, i have a LOT of sunflowers in the house now, something i normally wouldn’t do as i like them outside to pretty up the place, and to welcome the bees, and later the birds.

sept 14 veggies

sept 14 b


When you look at the tree, you can see there are literally 1000’s more–we’ll never get them all picked, because of height and because a lot of the blossom ends were invaded by wormy things. This apple tree will never again produce large apples: we figure it was probably a small variety anyways, planted some 90 years ago by the father of one of our neighbours. She remembers when she was a child and one was planted in their yard and one in ours–and she’s 90 something now herself! Over the past 5 years we have been here, we have babied, watered and fertilized and had the tree pruned professionally. The fruit is 4 times the size it was the first year we were here :) and in the spring, the blossoms and bees are stupendously spectacularly beautiful and wondrous, awesome in the truest sense of the word.

I figure there are at least 1000 apples in this bowl!

a thousand apples or more

It took me a good while and a stiff neck to cut up 111 of them.

babiesThose teeny 111 cores filled a one litre measuring cup.

one litre  equals 111 applesThe rest, the remaining picked 1000, are in the fridge for other batches, a lot of work but OH SO WORTH IT!

And oh my goodness,the prettiest pink applesauce, one litre of it, shared out over french vanilla frozen yogurt.

pretty sauceNo sugar added and it was the sweetest most perfect taste of summer becoming autumn.


We need more frozen yogurt :)


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part 2 of wintember

i may be out of action for hours, or days in the next little while–these are going to snap and take out our power lines-our little house is 100 years old and i want to be here if anything happens!— and more of the apple tree went……..

going to snapthis weed tree (manitoba maple) will be no great loss as they’re alwasy breaking, but it does shade the yard…..and usually it stands straight up another 10-12 feet

power lines soon

my poor apple tree–tried to shake snow off the branches, but even whacking with a shovel did nothing because i just don’t have the power to smack it hard enough

the rest will go too

the 60 year old lilac too is usually tall and straight–half if it will probably go too

lilac will break soon


no more sunflowers, no dye plants

no more sun

no more sunflowers here either


no more vegetables

no more veggies




-if you’ve sent me a message, or signed up for the stitch class, please be patient, and keep your hoofies crossed!


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(S)no(w), my dye garden may not survive…………..and stitch classes notes

In recorded history, there has not been one month where Calgary didn’t get snow………… started Monday morning, and is still falling……………..

sept 8

sept 8b

I have a lot of sunflowers in the house now…yesterday i cut half of them…this morning, i looked out to see the last of them every single one bent, cracked and broke…..

sept snow sunflowers


the weight of snow on suntoday

snow on sun b

snow on sun

And the poor 80 (90?) year old apple tree has lost a third of its branches…too much snow weight for the poor old thing to bear up under…..

broken apple b

broken apple


I harvested a few tomatoes and one more cuke the day before this hit—probably no more will survive, nor will the zucchinis or squash. I have no idea what these temperatures and the heavy load of wet snow will do to my dyeplants.

I LOVE gardening, but i get my heart broken more times than i could count, gardening in Alberta. Of the 6 “i can garden!” summers here, i have had TWO good ones–the others were hail, too much rain, more hail, cooler temps, floods………..



The registration for the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada has opened for Seminar 2015 classes—–and still no photos of the handwork i will be teaching in conjunction with Karin Millson’s part of the course, extreme machine embroidery…..


That being said, if you can’t make it to the conference, you can still take advantage of lessons from me, in adding more dimension and tactility to an already very textural art.   Registration is now open for that too :)


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official Embroiderer’s Association of Canada announcement–and i’m teaching there

hey nice birthday present of sorts– EAC -Embroiderer’s Association of Canada has just announced the 2015 seminar, and look at this one— They don’t show my part of the class, but suffice it to say, that ours is completely different from the traditional offerings :)

official EAC announcemnet


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Pop Up FybreSpace shop cancelled, i’m back “on location”

Since i still haven’t heard back from the host that is “responsible” for my online shop, here again are the latest offerings. As noted before, email me please at arlee dot ar at gmail dot com if there is something that piques your interest, and i will invoice you from arlee dot is at gmail dot com. (Check your spam folders in this case!) Shipping is inexpensive, not because it *is* inexpensive from Canada, but because i have to charge a bit to offset my costs. Again, because these are one of a kind, as are all ecoprints, it’s a case of “first up, best dressed” :) .

Just heard from the support techs there, and all is well again.

The shop is a bit empty now, due to all the purchases made by you wonderful Blossoms (THANK YOU!!!!), so i am waiting for the sun to hit that sweet spot so i can photograph and list new pieces. There will be are 10 9 new listings in addition to what is there already, and then i will be on a short hiatus–it’s a hell week of prepping in the day job for our first “wedding fair”!


Shop ‘em while i got ‘em!

charmed life b

deco risingb

forest floor 3b

small landscape b

the circling way b

empty lotc



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