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Murder averted…..

june 29 pan Cthree quarters to go……18 pieces more….


still seeing red

red bubbles june 10 C


red cars go faster

And so does red stitching when you finally get the foot on the pedal properly :)

two done C

two detail 1 C

two detail 2 CAnd all are actually upside down, but that’s ok!



In my haste to make haste, i forgot an important element i wanted on this work!

Where’d this idea go?

sampling for red winged figureI can *just* squeeze some madder dyed poofs in there….

red oopsieGood thing i’m not TOO fast now :)


Coming and going and coming Home

Well, there *is* *some* “pre”-excitement happening. How could i forget? On May 25th (soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i’ll be doing a one month residency at ACAD again in the fibre department!!!  I have big plans for big fabric pieces again, using rust and indigenous plant materials and dyes. I hope this year to incorporate some fabric manipulation techniques pre and post dyeing.

And in August, i’ll be doing Yoshiko Wada‘s 2 day “Introduction to Organic Dyes and Pigments for one-bath protein fiber dyeing.” !!!!!!!!

“Ebb and Flow” comes home today. SDA:Alberta had a very successful first exhibit (second post here) at Atlantis Fine Arts, and though she didn’t sell, i’m not sure i wanted her to anyways! I already have a large spot reserved for this piece on my own wall.

All of this, with the recent ideas for new work, has me hopeful that the ground is solid again under my feet. And i’m really itching to get to red cloth again.

bead detail ebhah






Raggedy Black Heart –redux of sorts

Raggedy Black Heart_arlee barr_CbAs much as i love this one, it is time to let it go into the world. If you are interested, and would like to work out a payment plan, please email me at arlee dot is at gmail dot com– you may see more info and details here

(Published in issue 38 of verFilzt Und zugeNacht)



rethink, re pink

I’ve done some mockups in the past week of how i will put the panels for Ebb and Flow on the armature and realized the original overlap idea is not going to work. At first i thought i would “lift” each edge by “propping” with an attached bead so you could see what was underneath, but it just look stoopid. I also didn’t like the overlap after all, even if it had worked–doesn’t flow or help with the concept/presentation!!!!

My solution involves more pieces (!)–fortunately just teeny ones in the grand scope of things, but i best be buckling down and doing them!

My lichen pink did dry lighter of course–-almost disappointing, but i know i’m on the right track. I think part of the problem was the small amount i had collected–in ratio to the amount of fibre, it just wasn’t enough. Off to the cemetery sometime (when the snows are gone!!!!) then to scrape more. It’s still very useable and i am pleased with the tests and the end result, and that’s what counts. If you give up because the first time it isn’t what you envisioned, you never get anywhere. I put the threads back into a new vat (new in the sense that it’s fresh made from the old that i hadn’t used yet)– and have put them in a warm place and will wait a few days —READ the instructions, fer &^&%^$$%%……….

I have also this weekend got to have more done on All Water Under the Bridge. Slated for a show, the photos of “in progress” for application must be reasonably clear in showing the end look. (And deadline met….)

After these two major works are done, i intend to fly a little and get a little more expansive–would like to get back to some Frankenstitch!!!!!!!!!!! (These were “Major” in the sense of intense labour……maybe not so much in the grand scheme of things…) I bought Jean Draper’s Stitch and Structure and really would like to get even more dimensional and sculptural. I find this book a bit repetitive and very reminiscent of Janet Edmond’s Three Dimensional Stitch, but it’s still a valuable resource. I don’t buy a lot of these textile reference books anymore as most seem rehashes now of other artists’ work, things i already know and have dismissed from my vocabulary :) , quick copy mixed media with no originality or encouragement of originality, or just plain BORING.

Ive decided too that once these 2 pieces are done, i am not going to lock myself into any deadlines. If the work i make this year fits somewhere, fine. If not, well, poopoopeedoo. I have plenty of ideas that will translate for many things–it’s all about “tailoring” the statements after all, isn’t it? NARF. :) And given that i  comfortably have a distinct look, style, voice, approach now, whatever you want to call it, that should be the path.


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