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No guarantee i’ll get into both of these, but unless you try–and DO THE WORK–you can’t submit, can you? With the group i am in locally (Contextural Fibre Arts Co-operative), there are two possible shows coming up next year, one at the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton, and one at the Leighton Art Centre, near Millarville, Alberta. The first one is why i have been having periodic binges of stitching with “A Birth of Silence” for a planned “Organic Matters” theme. Admittedly though, i’m not doing so great with enough of the binges though………..A January deadline means get off my ass–or rather, ON my ass since i can’t stitch standing ;)— and “giter done”!

The second one will take place during the summer of 2016, and has us riffing off work we saw by Barbara Leighton, one of the founders of the art centre. (I wrote about that here as two posts.) I’ve been formulating and discarding ideas since that visit, about what i want to do, to portray, and which skills i have to complete the mission, but it wasn’t until yesterday morning at the train station that the lightbulb went on. I’d been thinking about an entirely different, perhaps overly ambitious, project and the pages of my notebook fell open to my Leighton scribbles and sketches, and suddenly, there it all was. (I love it when one’s ideas begin mixing and leaning on each other, fermenting and ripening.)

I’ll be sharing some of those ideas and samplings soon. All may migrate to the blog i have set up for when this one is “full” (approaching very soon, as with that pesky storage issue that all blogs have..) One thing we have also been asked to do with the Leighton show is to have smaller pieces that are reflective of the main gallery work, for sale in the gallery shop. I might start with those as they are also a good way of developing the ideas and approaches! I can then decide too what scale the exhibit pieces can be worked, as i have a diptych or triptych in mind.

And news from a “actual” exhibit: this, from the main SDA blog

Asked to summarize the experience of reviewing such a wealth of work, Wiggers observed that “Through a range of processes, such as dyeing, weaving, embroidery, quilting and tapestry, the selected works demonstrate how SDA members conjoin surface and structure using textile-based techniques; engage decorative, ornamental and pictorial traditions; examine and critique culture and traditions; and push textiles from material to ephemeral limits through individual and collaborative creative practice.”

There are gallery photos, and though i can’t clearly see mine, i suspect it’s the fifth one over in the first shot on the left in that blog post. Can’t wait to receive my copy of the exhibition catalogue. It’s funny too how as you work a thing, it seems rather large and intensive, and then it gets hung and all of a sudden it’s teeny—-still intensive, but teeny!!!!!!!!


not missing: in action

: one should just get on with it.

lavender smoke bee

bee and pollen ABOS


We should make an official “Help Another Artist” day

Did you buy a fancy coffee today? Another pair of “fashion boots” you know won’t really keep you warm and safely footed this winter? Another big hunk of fabric that will just sit in your stash?

In 2013, i faced the results of losing 80% of my stoodio supplies, a lot of personal items, art and household items, when Calgary had a massive flood that destroyed homes, riverbanks, businesses and park areas. It was terrifying. Most of us however got to go back to our homes, rebuild our businesses and adjusted to the way Mother Nature had re-shaped our city. Many people i have never met in person, my on line friends and fellow bloggers and artists,  stepped up and donated, whether cash or supplies, and i was floored by the generosity and thoughtfulness. I am STILL grateful to all of them.

Why am i bringing this up? Mother Nature cannot be “blamed”. The effects of Man and War though are a different story entirely. Imagine being forced out of your country due to a political game played by “the powers that be”. Think how your art business/passion would be affected, with students too afraid to travel either in your own country or from another more stable one to yours. Envision not knowing if your business, your home, maybe even your own life was safe.

I have an online friend who is facing this right now. Elena Ulyanova is an artist who was based in the Ukraine, and who has now been forced to move to Poland. Elena has been instrumental in sharing a lot of her eco dyeing and printing expertise to any who ask, and gives freely and clearly, with no kitchen scrap nonsense and no airy-fairyness. She loves what she does, and it shows on her blog. She’s scientifically minded, but a true artist as well. She needs studio space for a year and has started a fundraiser through IndieGoGo. I contributed. Of course i did. I value her, her work and it’s a way for me to “pay forward” all the help i got when *i* needed it. She’s not asking for a lot really, and every bit helps, so go, share, comment, make the world better for another person, support another artist. The direct link to her campaign is here.

I’m lucky, blessed, and so are you, to have a home and art space and supplies without any worries about safety or availability of materials. We can all too easily become complacent about what we have, what we are, how much we can share–whether from our art wells, or our bank accounts–and rarely are roused unless there are dire photos and scary stories.

Please, as fellow artists, consider helping.

Do *you* really need “more”?


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the jungle returns

Autumn slid in rather ungracefully, almost un-noticed because it’s been such an up and down summer with low temps and hailstorms and rain. Sigh. *Next* year’s garden will be better–says every gardener every year…..

That means also bringing in all the houseplants that were summered out under the apple tree. Some are bent and damaged by said hail storms, but the winter will have them resting in my sunny stoodio window. I still have small canvases in the bottom half of these windows to shade things and to somewhat block the heat rising from the concrete patio outside this area—Calgary sun is very intense, due to our high altitude, and can burn even the sun lovers. I think these week they can be removed, even though this is a southern exposure.

the indoor jungle has moved back in

the indoor jungle has moved back in 2

medinilla sept 2015


On these shelves are 4 orchids, a gardenia, clerodendron, passionflower, two types of begonia, coleus, several colours of “christmas” cactus, two colours of orchid cactus, a rhipsalis, asparagus fern, 4 hibiscus, medinilla, a hoya, purple velvet plant, azalea, ming aralia, two haworthias, a string of pearls succulent and a lipstick vine. I still have two tall Mandevillas to bring in, and am wondering where i will put them! And the other coleus cuttings i have to take, and the geraniums…….

It’s also time to re-organize the stoodio. Certain things are just not being used anymore, and the ones i do need are a major exercise in shuffling papers, boxes and piles to find. Of course, the chaos re-appears every time i want to start something new, so i will have to figure out a way to discipline myself in putting things away too! I’m finding more and more that “inspiration” does not come from heaps of colour, notes, materials and tools, but rather from a clear space! (Dealing with this in the Day Job also right now as we are painting the workroom there–can’t stand not finding what i need or it not being in the designated spot!)

I might need to use a “clear cut” strategy, as horrible as that sounds!!!

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Time to start adding the background details to “A Birth of Silence”. Can i get this done by the end of the year for a deadline and show? I am liking this work, but for whatever reason it has become a drag on time–as in: i haven’t deliberately been making time for it……what’s my problem?????

Eucalyptus (yellowy cream) and birch bark (palest pale pink) dyed threads used, these colours are really subtle.

pollens 1

I really don’t like the top “pollen” in the above photo. The placement feels wrong now, but it’s going to be a pain to remove—lots of tiny holes and a few marks that were guides….i rushed it to get “something” done and am now regretting it. Plus, picking out that pale pink silk is going to make it un-useable…….argh.

pollens 2These don’t sing yet, either. I’m hoping the addition of some bees will.

I may have to move into the first phase of some new work to let things percolate, while keeping an eye on the clock and calendar. While at the Regina workshop, i had a brainstorm about new plans, and am itching to get something in motion.

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a compendium of miscellany………

foodie photo garden bountySalad last night with everything from our garden–i never thought i’d be a foodie fotografer…….. :) Arugula, bull’s blood beet greens, cukes, carrots, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green onions, snow peas and green beans.mmmmmm

Inspiration underfoot, from the bathroom rug:

inspiration underfoot


New ecoprint experiments, working out the bugs :) These two are mine:

drama reverse


And these two are in the shop:

equinox 1

equinox 2

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not quite Autumn yet

autumnal sympathy


gunning fun arrangement 1bb C


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