5th Anniversary Sale!

I just realized it’s been 5 years since i started my fascination with natural dyes, ecoprinting and natural processes! To honour that, and my loyal and wonderful customers, i am announcing the 5th Anniversary Sale—-use the code 5Nat and get 20% off!!!

I’ll add more as listing space allows, sale ending either on Sept 17th, or when stock runs out. Sale does not include already “on sale” items ;)

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day job :)

b wedding

lf weddingWe’ve done more weddings this summer at the fffFlower mines than ever before!

ah wedding bouquet

purp bouquet

purp bouquets

who brideThat last one was a “Dr Who” wedding–what you can’t see is the sonic screwdriver attached to the handle!


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“no obligation” day

You know the drill: work hard at the day job, come home and take care of La Famille whatever 2 or 4 legged form they take. Scratch out a bit of time to be creative during some mindless or binge tubage. Prep for next morning. Get to bed at a decent hour. Spend the weekends and days off doing what you *have* to do instead of what you *want* to do.

the time is now


Today i made applesauce from our dinky apples. Each one yields about 4 dime to quarter sized chunks. I figured last year that a litre of cores equals 111 apples and fills 1 3/4 pint jars…..i made 5.5 jars today of the delightful pink sweetness. That’s a lot of little apples. Took 4 hours. No sugar, no spices, fabulous without any additives. Had to do it as we had picked what we could yesterday, and i didn’t want the mouse or the fruit flies to get them. A lot of them were hail damaged or bruised from the fall, but oh the taste!!!

And a little “no obligations to myself” stitching today as well. I’m still plugging along on “A Birth of Silence”, but need other tasks to cleanse the palate–or “pallette” in this case, as the colours are different :) One of yesterdays ecoprint and dye experiments, just a little mindlessfulness*.

no obligations on myself

On Friday afternoon in a few days, when i get home from work, i am going on strike for the weekend. Everyone and everything can go to hell, or ask “Daddy” (Greyman) for help.

*I’m heartily tired of the word “mindful”: stitching, concept, trope, reference, informed by, whatever: hence mindlessfulness!

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mine and yours, more in the shop

I’ve added a few more pieces to the shop, detail photos below.

asemic brocade detail

bubble bubble b

cotillionus detail

open mandala 1b

totem detail

brocade writing detail 1

And i can’t wait to start my own stitching on these:

mine ]




A Confluence of Cotinus, shop update

Season. Freshness. Fibre. Location, both of growth and of use. Water “type”. Pre/during/post mordanting and modifying–so many variables!


cotinus collusion b

cotinus courtc

ghost crowdb

slip slidingc

summer queen 1c

summer queen 2bAll ready for your delectation in the shop.

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indigo indigarden


Despite having horrendous hail and torrential downpours two days in a row, and then temps down to 1C (!!! Fer jeeblies sake, it may be Calgary, but it’s still AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!), and then overcast shadowy days due to the smoke wafting over from the WA and BC fires, my indigo is doing well.

I had put the pot between the snow peas and the fence, not thinking about what size it would grow to, and am glad i did. When the hail hit, the peas were smashed over it and protected it mightily! I have since moved it to where you see now, a spot that is easy to throw a sheet over, should we again, invariably, get hail, or gadz forfend, snow–as we did last Sept Labour Day weekend. Almost three feet tall, in the second photo, you can see the telltale precursor signal of indigotin in the few leaves that were minimally damaged.


indigo tellThis gives me hope for planting more next year, always a gamble (for anything plant related really) in my Zone 3 garden, but that’s every gardener’s bane and raison d’être—-next year will be better, different, plentiful, floriferous and fruitful and fantastic, perfect and wonderful.

indigo and gallium boreale aug 25

At the bottom of the pot is the sad Gallium boreale–not very big still, due i’m sure to the ^&%$ing cheap Chinese peat pots i bought to start seedlings in. I had hoped to grow enough of it to get a little bit of red from its roots, but that ain’t gonna happen me thinks.

My safflowers were stripped down to stem and desperate leaf, so no dye from that either:

stripped safflower

I wouldn’t have got a lot anyways, but still–it’s the principle, Mother Nature, it’s the principle!



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texture, it’s all about the texture

aug 25

fb abos 1


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