cruel and bastardly

that’s what this virus is—even coffee tastes horrendous right now, and Coffee IS THE ELIXIR OF LIFE. this virus makes you throw up when there’s nothing to throw up, cough so hard your abdominals creak and feeel like they are ripping off your bones, everything tastes and smells Old and Brown. (Try clarifying that for a doctor as a “symptom”…)

i can’t concentrate on even small projects, or steps into projects right now, so instead am over here. it might not look exciting to you, but the coaxing of the green and blooming back into summer, is the only thing holding my interest or will to live, right now.

coleus colour




but not so bad as it could have been

Better a false alarm, and a full check of the system, than no alarm and letting the buggers in–i am so fortunate! Even if the first doctor is wrong, that can be a good thing. I have NO heart problems, my chest xrays are CLEAN—a miracle in itself. What i have is a really mean virus that is just going to have to take care of itself. Thank you all for the much appreciated thoughts and kind words. I’ll be taking it as easy as i can (not easy with it being Mother’s Day week at thefffFlower mines), but i also have a FABulous family at home and at work to take care of me as i take care of myself and business.


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not so good

i will be incommunicado for awhile, hospital stay pending. think good thoughts for me.


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time to go to the doc—throat is raw from retching and coughing, not even water will stay down, head pinging even more, can’t go to work again which is horrendous the week before mother’s day with all the prep we do

i’m sleeping about 18-20 hours through the day in sporadic pass outs on the couch and have lost 7 pounds since friday


pushing thread is the least of my concerns right now, though i did get this far yesterday in the sun:

centre apr 28

also fired up the walnut again as it requires no babysitting



obviously i didn’t bake off enough cooties and now i’m freezing again and going back to bed. Nessie concurs.

nessie april 28



the great bake off

Appropriate enough since i have had comments that these look like pretzels or sesame biscuits ;) Yeah, they sort of do. And also because Karma in its joyful guise has given me a 25C sunny day to sit outside for the first time in the summer lounge chair and stitch, and bake off some flu cooties.

I’m also hoping that lunch will be another exciting bowl of oatmeal that will stay down. Yesterday’s meals were exercises in futility, as they kept “re-appearing”.  I’m glugging watered apple juice like i’m in the desert, alternately sweating like it’s menopause festival time, and then shaking with bone chilling cold. I stink of sick and tiredness. My head is pinging like it used to when i stopped taking “happy pills”–very strange after 3 years–and i’m walking like a drunk decrepit sailor. Sitting and pushing the threads sounds like a done deal to me for today. The ffFlower Mines can go to hell–i’m just thankful (?????) this isn’t happening next week, as Mother’s Day WEEK is insane, and a floral designer cannot afford to be sick, weak or show any fear.

Anyhoo, though these pieces are slated for “flat work”, despite their very sculptural quality as they are (unattached to the background), i am thinking ahead with the concept. I’ve wanted to be more 3d for awhile now and am keeping notes and little moments of “aha” in mind for future work. Sorry, Karin, not this time :)

I managed to get the plan for the centre piece for this work done, and the basic machined outline, then pooped out after a little hand work:

centre-apr-27-abosAt 8 last night i was in bed, with this above moaning about abandonment. Tough Toolies, Dear, Mommy needs her rest, as restless as it was.

I’m wondering what shape this will take when all the stitching and cut work is done???

The first piece, doing as it wants to:

cell boneWhat it looks like flattened:

flat bones

I’m thinking the legs of the second piece will curl, though i’m betting the centre portion will dome only slightly as there is more surface area than hole in it.


And now, because i’m cranky, and irascible at the best of times: to a LOT of you have recently followed my blog, i won’t be following you back, especially if you have a “secret” blog. Please read this. And this too. Did i miss a “Follow” drive or something??????????


~~~~ Now out to the sun and our regular programming.


going on

what’s going on here?

butterfly egg circle startfiddly work while i am sick–hoping it’s not the flu–threw up breakfast, hope lunch stays down–can’t be sick for Mother’s Day at the ffFlower mines

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bone of a thing

cell bonethe bone of a thing, the element that gives the shape, the life to the work, something that will change and shift

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