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The DNA strands are done. In the groove.

dna 1

dna 2


countdown, five, four, seventeen, ninetyeleven……….

countdown for a birth of silence nov 23_2015


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Pollen nation

I like a little accuracy at least when i’m depicting something. Searching for source photos or drawings of pollen lead me down a rabbithole, and soon i realized that with all the different shapes and sizes, there was no worry about creating my own.

pollen 1

pollen 2

pollen 3

pollen 4

pollen 5

pollen 6

pollen 7


I am at the stage of heartily bored and tired of this one, a sure sign that it will be done soon. Of course, then i will move into the stage of “what the hell do i do next?”……

I want to do something different, but i’m not sure the “muscle memory”/style/whatever will let that take over……………………………………………..



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for the Best gone, and those who come home


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fair flying

nov 10 abos

The centre of the butterfly egg has really lovely raised texture and height—-partly planned and partly serendipity in attaching the whole.

nov 10 abos detail

Four hours yesterday and four today have resulted in most of the bees and pollen grains being done, the centre holes of the butterfly egg attached and the final vision for what this will be is cemented in my head.I had to push through to get enough done to photograph for our next Contextural show at the Alberta Craft Council in January. My eyes are so tired, but my fingers, while sore and pricked, are loving the textures.


more mellow yellow

Woohoo, you say, more exciting yellow which is what a lot of natural dyes give, YAWN.

But yellow is a good base for creating other colours, that simple primaries mix thingie that can yield up more oranges, greens, corals and spring shades than you can poke a snake at. I also like them as a base for my “Hippie Chick” packs :)

hippie chick fabricsI think i may try some of these today. The originals were done over tansy or solidago, so will rhubarb root, being so substantive, allow the hollyhock any uptake?

Whilst rummaging through my sewing machine desk, i found a bag of calendula petals i had picked 5 years ago. Weak results, but obviously even after that length of time, still some colour use!

old calendula on silksI finally found some (bur)dock as well–in my backyard of all places. One small piece, and i was pretty sure there would be no colour release at all, due to it’s size (about 4″)  and the brown rings evident. Would it also be too late in the season for it?

dock root 1Well, minimal results, but there *is* hope for next year. I can’t after all keep prowling the neighbourhood as the Ninja Gardener, digging up everyone’s rhubarb root……

And i am STILL getting colour from the rhubarb root pot!! The colours are going more to the brown side now, but until i get nothing, i’ll keep using it. (On a side note, there’s now a category within a category for these natural dyes: look under “dye experiments” and pull up the appropriate plant–this will be my notekeeping for local plant materials used as dyes.)

Over the weekend i gathered all my dye materials, apparatus and various baggies and bottles in one spot. It was a surprise to find sandalwood and more indigo (LOTS more indigo!) in the back room, sodium alginate, annato and a HUGE bag of turmeric (which i dumped, ’cause it’s too fugitive for any effort) and some of the original lichen vats as well! Now that everything is together, i won’t waste time wondering where the heck it all is.

dye cupboard and shelvesRed cupboard to left contains walnuts, pots, spoons, strainers etc. Dyeshelves top: indigo, sandalwood, brazilwood, madder, sodium alginate, thio, soda ash, alum, lichen vats, dyer’s chamomile, walnut ink, coreopsis, eucalyptus vat, birch bark vat, dried indigo leaves; bottom shelf has tansy, hollyhock, euc leaves, hibiscus, onion skins, annato, rhubarb root, and maple and walnut baths. What you can’t see to the far left is my brazilwood vats (one with soda ash, one unadulterated), madder and alkanet vats, rust water and drying threads and fabrics!  (And yes, my asparagus fern needs some tidying up–the indoor jungle also shares the same wall!)

And now to get back to some stitching! Photos are due today and i have to have at least one large area done to show the work!

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stitch stitch stitch stitch, repeat, stitch stitch stitchedy

EEK! Photos for one show due TODAY. I spent many hours yesterday working on “A Birth of Silence” so that i have at least one major area to shoot for this!

And i finally received my copy of the SDA “Materialities” catalogue.


Fitting that underneath the catalogue is the current work mentioned above :)

SDA Materialities page a

SDA Materialities page b



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