miles to stitch before i sleep (again)

03 Nov

ABOS to nov 3 a

ABOS to nov 3 b

ABOS to nov 3 cI have not been stitching much in the past two or three weeks…..It’s time to gear up again and get more done, consciously, purposefully and with that looming deadline in mind. I consider it barely over one third completed…..

Photographing this one as it is to this point though, has made me fall in love with it again. When you work by hand, especially on large expanses, becoming myopic is a constant danger. The old “can’t see the forest for the trees” thing holds true: you literally can lose sight of what you are doing. Perhaps i needed to step back, physically and emotionally, to get back to this.

I have taped a checklist to the wall for this one, reminding myself of steps and desires.

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