running out of line

30 Nov

I am PRAYING that i have enough of this particular thread to finish! I’ve already gone through a full skein (36 yards) of my favourite Caron Waterlilies “Pebbles” colourway, and have less than a third of one left to finish two bees. I’ve ordered more (the last two in stock from my favourite thread supplier 123Stitch!!!), but if i run out, am also crossing my hoofies that they get here in time!!! The whole thing must be done by Dec end so that i can get it to the show organizer to go to Edmonton!

3 bee

unfinished bees

I always have it in my head too that the faster i stitch, the longer the thread will last, like i can fool it somehow…i don’t know how that works……..of course, it hasn’t actually to date…. 🙂

I love this thread because it goes well with anything  iron and brazilwood dyed. Soft but with good colour changes, not too shade breaky, and easy to blend into natural dyeing, looking naturally dyed itself. Believe me, if i could, i’d figure out a way to dye this one……(Note to self: maybe…but not right now.)

My list is getting smaller. All the DNA strands are done, the bees all have antennae, there are only 1 and a half bees left to finish–and then on to the rest of the Countdown List!

off the list


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2 responses to “running out of line

  1. arlee

    November 30, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    WHEW! There was enough to finish both bees, with some to spare! Cross *that* off the list now!


  2. Heather Cameron

    December 3, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Congrats on making it Arlee! The thread goddesses must have been on your side. I was through a similar thread crisis with my last piece.

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