UFO’s off the pile!

04 Jan

Before i jump into new work, there are several pieces i wanted to finish! Started in October of 2012, and still un-named, though i suppose i could take the easy way out and call it “Love Letter”. The right top corner is a rough translation into embroidery from a fragment of a torn up letter i found on a walk.

unknown languagelitpanI do love that cabachon rose though, and the technique may show up elsewhere in the future.

sra oct1212 cIn part, this one languished because it really was not saying much to me. After finishing the 5th of 7 bees on “A Birth of Silence”, i realized the bees were the answer, and sprinkled the bee jar over the top. And that bound edge of rhubarb root dyed silk makes it sing too! All of the fabrics are ecoprint on cotton or natural dyes on silk, though the threads aren’t, as i hadn’t done any serious thread dyeing yet.

love letter

love letter detail 1

love letter detail 2Available.

The second one i finished was a funny little piece called “Alien Twitter”, sometime in June 2012. The orientation could be scroll like or horizontal to be “read” 🙂 Appropriately, i finished this while we were watching “Babylon 5”, one of the Greyman’s holiday prezzies. Rust, potassium permanganate and brazilwood, this fabric again is from my 2012 ACAD residency, bound with indigo overdyed ecoprint.

alien twitter

alien twitter detail 1

alien twitter detail 2


When i signed these, i dated “Love Letter”, something else i’ve been doing for the last 3 years, but somehow it seems wrong with these as i only finished them long after the fact of creating them, so “Alien Twitter” is signed only, with no date…….an unimportant issue really, but i feel strange about adding them to a dated gallery!


And i’m still finishing up a third one, started in October of 2012 (what is it with the 2012/3 works????)

jam day oct26

These darn things hang around, whining and complaining, but rarely getting full attention, i think because a. i get bored of them, and b. i forget about them when they get shuffled away. Some still left to do may never be done, or may end up being cannabalized. I hate to “waste” work!

Red and colour is on my mind again–plans are afoot for new work.

january hibiscus

january hibiscus c

january hibiscus bTime to clean up and re-organize the stoodio, to begin again.


One response to “UFO’s off the pile!

  1. threadpaintersart

    January 4, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    ooooh … I love Alien Twitter !
    As for dating pieces, I never date anymore unless it is going into a juried show or has been sold.
    Otherwise who cares ?
    Hope you had a very lovely Christmas Holiday !

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