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helloooooooooooooooo! over there!!! pointing!!! Jan 6/18 update

If you signed up as a follower of my blog, you will know that i am now over here, as this blog’s photo vaults are too full to add more. I appreciate an audience who gets what i do as a textile artist, who  is creative themselves, and who interacts. If you have shared my link on your own page, would you kindly update it? Much appreciated.


Jan 6/18 I have however “re-opened” this blog, but only in the sense that it is viewable again. It’s been closed/private/unavailable since sometime in 2016 but there’s stuff here *i* need to reference easily. There will be no new posts, and note too, all “comments” are now closed.   You can however still reach me through the “Contact Me” form.  And REMEMBER, i do NOT take kindly to pinning, as i neither like nor allow it. You get ONE warning.


If you “follow” only to get followers back, be warned that i will not automatically do that if our interests do not complement/coincide. And WP now has a feature where i can remove you. Long time readers will know i do not suffer fools gladly, but you will find a lot less kvetching on the “newer” blog, because honestly, i can’t be bothered anymore trying to relate to those who persist in their own stupidity. I’m pragmatic that way 🙂