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helloooooooooooooooo! over there!!! pointing!!! Jan 6/18 update

If you signed up as a follower of my blog, you will know that i am now over here, as this blog’s photo vaults are too full to add more. I appreciate an audience who gets what i do as a textile artist, who  is creative themselves, and who interacts. If you have shared my link on your own page, would you kindly update it? Much appreciated.


Jan 6/18 I have however “re-opened” this blog, but only in the sense that it is viewable again. It’s been closed/private/unavailable since sometime in 2016 but there’s stuff here *i* need to reference easily. There will be no new posts, and note too, all “comments” are now closed.   You can however still reach me through the “Contact Me” form.  And REMEMBER, i do NOT take kindly to pinning, as i neither like nor allow it. You get ONE warning.


If you “follow” only to get followers back, be warned that i will not automatically do that if our interests do not complement/coincide. And WP now has a feature where i can remove you. Long time readers will know i do not suffer fools gladly, but you will find a lot less kvetching on the “newer” blog, because honestly, i can’t be bothered anymore trying to relate to those who persist in their own stupidity. I’m pragmatic that way 🙂




better detail shots of “A Birth of Silence”

Still not the whole thing as i am finding it hard to find a good spot for space and light!

detail shot dec 30_15 ABOS

detail shot dec 30_15 ABOS bAnd now it’s time to turn my thoughts to new work. I have goals again, one of them being not to get SO immersed in something that it becomes a Herculean effort to finish! I’d like to work a bit smaller again, with colour and more sculptural (ly?).

Probably my last post of the year, so i wish you all the best in whatever *you* wish/plan/desire/do. See ya on the other side of the calendar.


for the Best gone, and those who come home


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miles to stitch before i sleep (again)

ABOS to nov 3 a

ABOS to nov 3 b

ABOS to nov 3 cI have not been stitching much in the past two or three weeks…..It’s time to gear up again and get more done, consciously, purposefully and with that looming deadline in mind. I consider it barely over one third completed…..

Photographing this one as it is to this point though, has made me fall in love with it again. When you work by hand, especially on large expanses, becoming myopic is a constant danger. The old “can’t see the forest for the trees” thing holds true: you literally can lose sight of what you are doing. Perhaps i needed to step back, physically and emotionally, to get back to this.

I have taped a checklist to the wall for this one, reminding myself of steps and desires.

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not missing: in action

: one should just get on with it.

lavender smoke bee

bee and pollen ABOS


We should make an official “Help Another Artist” day

Did you buy a fancy coffee today? Another pair of “fashion boots” you know won’t really keep you warm and safely footed this winter? Another big hunk of fabric that will just sit in your stash?

In 2013, i faced the results of losing 80% of my stoodio supplies, a lot of personal items, art and household items, when Calgary had a massive flood that destroyed homes, riverbanks, businesses and park areas. It was terrifying. Most of us however got to go back to our homes, rebuild our businesses and adjusted to the way Mother Nature had re-shaped our city. Many people i have never met in person, my on line friends and fellow bloggers and artists,  stepped up and donated, whether cash or supplies, and i was floored by the generosity and thoughtfulness. I am STILL grateful to all of them.

Why am i bringing this up? Mother Nature cannot be “blamed”. The effects of Man and War though are a different story entirely. Imagine being forced out of your country due to a political game played by “the powers that be”. Think how your art business/passion would be affected, with students too afraid to travel either in your own country or from another more stable one to yours. Envision not knowing if your business, your home, maybe even your own life was safe.

I have an online friend who is facing this right now. Elena Ulyanova is an artist who was based in the Ukraine, and who has now been forced to move to Poland. Elena has been instrumental in sharing a lot of her eco dyeing and printing expertise to any who ask, and gives freely and clearly, with no kitchen scrap nonsense and no airy-fairyness. She loves what she does, and it shows on her blog. She’s scientifically minded, but a true artist as well. She needs studio space for a year and has started a fundraiser through IndieGoGo. I contributed. Of course i did. I value her, her work and it’s a way for me to “pay forward” all the help i got when *i* needed it. She’s not asking for a lot really, and every bit helps, so go, share, comment, make the world better for another person, support another artist. The direct link to her campaign is here.

I’m lucky, blessed, and so are you, to have a home and art space and supplies without any worries about safety or availability of materials. We can all too easily become complacent about what we have, what we are, how much we can share–whether from our art wells, or our bank accounts–and rarely are roused unless there are dire photos and scary stories.

Please, as fellow artists, consider helping.

Do *you* really need “more”?


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“no obligation” day

You know the drill: work hard at the day job, come home and take care of La Famille whatever 2 or 4 legged form they take. Scratch out a bit of time to be creative during some mindless or binge tubage. Prep for next morning. Get to bed at a decent hour. Spend the weekends and days off doing what you *have* to do instead of what you *want* to do.

the time is now


Today i made applesauce from our dinky apples. Each one yields about 4 dime to quarter sized chunks. I figured last year that a litre of cores equals 111 apples and fills 1 3/4 pint jars…..i made 5.5 jars today of the delightful pink sweetness. That’s a lot of little apples. Took 4 hours. No sugar, no spices, fabulous without any additives. Had to do it as we had picked what we could yesterday, and i didn’t want the mouse or the fruit flies to get them. A lot of them were hail damaged or bruised from the fall, but oh the taste!!!

And a little “no obligations to myself” stitching today as well. I’m still plugging along on “A Birth of Silence”, but need other tasks to cleanse the palate–or “pallette” in this case, as the colours are different 🙂 One of yesterdays ecoprint and dye experiments, just a little mindlessfulness*.

no obligations on myself

On Friday afternoon in a few days, when i get home from work, i am going on strike for the weekend. Everyone and everything can go to hell, or ask “Daddy” (Greyman) for help.

*I’m heartily tired of the word “mindful”: stitching, concept, trope, reference, informed by, whatever: hence mindlessfulness!

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