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The year of Origin, a look back


Yup,  it was a good year for accomplishments. At the end of last year, i decided i would stop worrying about what other artists were doing, do what i did best and loved most, and let the chips fall where they would, going back to my own “origin” as an artist. (Some weeks i did that, some i just got mad again 🙂 )

A semi serious blog break helped–i may have posted sporadically rather than not at all (as i had planned!), but i got a lot of work and thinking done. I bit my tongue and stopped complaining (for the most part) about what everyone else was doing, or not doing. Why is it any of my business and why should i/they care? Also, why the hell was i so bothered to begin with???? Hmm, sour grapes perhaps? At least i can laugh now 🙂

I battled the pinterest, aka pinhercrap, monsters and lost and won in a sense: filed quite a few DMCA notices and “strikes”… PLEASE, fer****sakes, CREDIT properly WITH A NAME, the CORRECT NAME if you can’t be polite enough to ASK first. I still do NOT want to see mine there. And isn’t it lovely that now anyone with 30 bucks can get a coding platform that lets them build a site that does the same image scraping. Wonderful that these ignoramuses encourage wholesale theft….

How many completed works this year? Eleven, and five of those were in shows. My 2012 Gallery is still being updated, though most are in there.

Sold a decent amount during shows!

Opened a new shop for art, a resounding flop. Yeah.

Plans started with interested parties for a dye/embroidery workshop that will hopefully happen the end of May on Bowen Island, my old stomping grounds

How many publications? One in AQS and one to go into 2013–TBA 🙂

How many shows?  Ten!!!!!!!

Met up with a blog friend real-time in the flesh 🙂 (waving at Margaret!)

A workshop with Jason Pollen kind of gave me a kick in the ass for serious intent and new colour exploration,  learned a lot about my way of working and what and how i want to say things in that context, and then in October Karin and i had a work/play day with him also.

A successful Christmas Trunk Show with Contextural.

Volunteered to run a machine embroidery group on Stitchin Fingers in 2013–moderator not teacher, though i will certainly share what i know 🙂

So what are the plans for next year???????

Good advice from Sandra Meech in her latest book, “Connecting Design to Stitch”

For one thing, there will be no magical word or phrase: labelling or prodding myself about what i’m doing that way is not necessary now. I know where i want to go and what i want to do. If i need a constant or instant  reminder, i’ll just look around the stoodio, fondle the finished works from 2012 and carry on.

The biggest thing, scarey that it is, will be to learn to better market myself. That means not relying on being part of a group to get into a gallery (though it certainly helps to network and make connections, highly recommended), approaching them myself, retail venues, applying for grants (an abysmal failure in 2011 on my part), teaching more and i still want to write that book.

If you are one of those who believes that the flip of a calendar page will make things magic, well go for it, all the best to you in 2013. If you’re like me, you’ll get up on the 1st as you do every morning, regardless of the day, the month, the season, the year, and just get back to work 🙂


and a silent sunday too

skin deep detail 2

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silent saturday

skin deep detail


sampling for samplings sake

Also known as just screwing around!

I don’t know that any of these will actually ever be used as ideas for some actual work, but it keeps me occupied at least. My finger is almost healed so maybe tomorrow i can get back to some hand work. In the meantime, i need to be doing something, and slopping paint and dye around wasn’t particularly engaging, so let’s farfle around with Lalage–at the very least it’s cleaning all the carbon out, like a good rip down the highway at 169K when the car has been idle for months.

I like some of these effects, but looking at them, i also know that some are just samples for what the hell purposes. Could i, would i, ever use any of this on anything, or are they pointless except as colour, texture and machine vavoom avoidance tactics exercises? Ah, never say never: maybe someday down the road, it will be a good thing i’ve done these.

tufting1 c

tufting1b c

tufting2 c

tufting2b c

stitch weight c

I see the potential for each stitch, but not used these ways specifically.

EDIT: i wrote this before the daily walk with DFG—and now i have some ideas where i can use some of this. Nothing like fresh air up the brain!

ADDENDUM: I noticed that on the stitchingfingers ning, there  was a request at some recent point for a machine embroidery group, but no one stepped up to be a moderator/admin. I have just messaged Mary Corbet, who is taking the reins from Sharon Boggon, and volunteered my services. If it gets up, will you join me?

2nd ADDENDUM: Mary has agreed and we will set the group up in January–that pesky Christmas thing gets in the way of SO many Important stuffs!


new worlds

Well, i know the end of the world is not the 21st because it’s that as tomorrow already in Australia–and i heard from a friend there, so all is well 🙂

While everyone else is running around in circles because of christmas, i’m just making circles, fattening the sample workbook, building the start of the “Work 2013” files, relearning old skills–no stress, no fuss, no mess and guess what, no cost either. My pockets may be as empty as ever, but my inspiration bank is fuller every day.

circles 1c c

circlesprogram1 c

tulle circles 1h c


Sea Change is still travelling with the FAN Waterworks show. She’ll have made a fairly large circular trip herself by the time she comes home.



Karin has done it again, the determined dynamo of a scamp–next year we’ll be learning from Lisa Grey in a 3 day workshop, “The Art of Looking Sideways: Connecting Creativity and Play.”



If  don’t post again before The Day, have a lovely, quiet, calm and warm one.


Embroiderer down!

Yesterday’s adventures with a heavy cotton and rusted areas meant at one point i shoved the pointy end of a big ass needle through one finger, while making an accidental, large and very painful hole in the shoving finger with the blunt end—-yes, the blunt end–do you know how hard it is to do that? (I’m reminded of Christopher Guest and Billy Crystal’s routine on SNL lonnnnnnng ago as the 2 STOOPID security guards as they wander the halls on patrol, making conversation about horrible things they’ve done to themselves: “i shoved bamboo splinters under my fingernails last night–i hate when that happens.”)

There should be a callus on the end of that shoving finger, but there ain’t because so many needles of so many sizes have gone in. Can’t abide thimbles, ironically because i can’t feel the needle then. So this embroiderer is down for the count while the holes heal.(Fortunately i didn’t leak on the work..)

However, there is still work to be done and play to be played. Ol’ Lalage may throw a rod by the time i’m done. I gathered a whack of blank pages and started scribbling down lots of possibilities and what if’s, then revved her up, dragging out all the fancy threads i rarely use, all the fancy machine feet too and actually read the manual to put her through her paces properly, or at least with an idea of what not to do :), and “basically just givin’ ‘er”. I figure by the time i’m done with these Jam Days, my fingers will have healed and my pages will be full of actual samples.

Fa la la la la la la Lalage.


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ooh shin….–SQUIRREL-…ey…–ack— distraction!

Sorting through planned and started projects has been a bit distracting. I keep finding things that are SO close to completion, but along the way i’d lost the guts or gumption, or interest, i dunno, to finish.

Then i touch them and the feeling courses through me—————-FINISH FINISH FINISH.

This one is tiny tiny single strand stitching for the most part, augmented by some machine bobbin work and paint on indigo dyed silk. I’m thinking it has to be completed. I know one reason i lost the nerve to get to the end was because there’s no point to it: it’s just a watery design. Maybe it could be part of something else.

lwfb regain control1

The pen and my fingers show you the teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy stitching.

lwfb regain detail

I must be Mad, i gots ta do it! Starting at 23×24″, it shrinks as the stitching progresses, so i’ll pretend it’s smaller to begin with, less daunting!

I’ll still be burning things this week though.