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Bags of colour=thread porn!

Because i had thought i was going to run out of my trusty Caron Wildflowers “Pebbles” colourway, i had ordered more. (Fortunately, i didn’t run out for “A Birth of Silence”.) When it arrived, i realized my thread drawers were a royal mass of mess! Some of the threads were colour grouped, some were lumped together for dismissed projects and some were just all adanglish and twangled.

I spent a happy three hours sorting, tidying up and organizing. My naturally dyed threads have their own cabinet now as well–what a treat to go to Princess Auto again 🙂 I used to store my flosses on those stoopid little cardboard or plastic “bobbins”, until the day i realized there were almost permanent kinks, and i had waaaaaaay too much to wind this way! I like these little drawered storage units, because the whole floss fits in, unwound and with label still attached, i can see the colours, and they look rather cool grouped on the shelves in the stoodio!  Admittedly though, there are also three drawers in a larger unit, but all the threads there are now bagged, and organized by colour range, thread type or “value” (as in this one is silk, this one is cotton, this one is hand dyed.) I keep ziplocks on hand in various sizes for organizing project use, or possible combinations!

Since i have had some of these threads a long while, there are colours i rarely use now, except as flashes of contrast. It might be time to work some dedicated pieces with less favoured minions.

I thought i had a lot of threads in 2012:

thought i had a lot in 2012Nope. But now i do!


black grey white ecru

oranges specialities blues

white thread cabinet


purples and browns

yellows and reds

red thread cabinet



mostly variegateds

naturally dyed threads

unfiled for project

thread journal

thread journal pages


And with the Canadian dollar so low in comparison to the rest of the world, well, i best be getting on with using what i have! My last purchases worked out (factoring in exchange to US$ and the shipping) to almost 7.25 for each skein, and unfortunately, even if i had bought in Canada, there wouldn’t have been much of a difference in savings……




layout for “A Birth of Silence”

Finally. Finally! A few edges and holes to finish turning, but the components can now be stitched to the background.

abos layout aug 24

I still have a smaller rondelle to make, and when all the pieces are stitched down, will commence on the background, with ideas of pollen.

aug 24 abos detail

At first i was worried that stitching the edges of the holes to the background would flatten things too much, but joy, there are puffs in the centre of each.

1 comp attached

1 comp attachedb

I was struck too by the textures of the embroidery at the edge of the large rondelle:

abos rondelle edge texture

Could be i will be done by end of September. Hoofies crossed.


flow slow

While the vasty head processes incoming thoughts for new work, i am spending some Jam Days doing little things, planning my garden (BIG this year, as we are happy to say the lease was renewed for another year!!!!!), working on two books i’ve putzed with for a couple of years now, and re-organizing the Stoodio.

I couldn’t resist doing another Mr Finch inspired bulb, this time with some of my hoarded Deb Lacativa hand dyed cotton and some Klimt inspired embroidery.


I may end up with a small bowl of these little spring beauties after all, a delicious small project to do while other things are percolating. Usually though, when i  do things in multiples, i get bored after three!


BUT, i can’t/won’t keep using some one else’s idea, as wonderful as it is, because it doesn’t feel original, despite the fact that mine is definitely a personal spin on the subject. I was looking for something for the Boss at the ffFlower mines the other day, and hit on a subject that really turns my crank.   You’ll see more of that in the next few weeks!




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slowly not so slowly

A more intricate background happening for this one than usual, the twice worked heavier line is a “timey-wimey” one! The interlaced/wrapped backstitch is one of my favourites: it gives a clean line, sharp and clear, and can be used with fine threads or heavier for emphasis. Since my first art love was pen and ink drawings (good old Rapidograph), this is the progression to stitch.

rb b jan3

rb detail wrapped backstitch jan3

rb jan3

It took me three hours to do the groundwork for the top spiral, this morning and this evening i will wrap and fill it in.

Edit: I have decided to go back with the original name for this piece, conceived back in 2012, when i did the original ecoprint, “How The Light Bends” Miss Rose Bottom wanted a little more respect 🙂 Other entries for this under that “category”.


rose bottom progresses

She could be the skin under my skin. Will finish her today, set up the work for the bees for her background, and then get back to stitching the base ground for the UPP.


Timing and pace is everything when working two projects. If there is prep work for the next step on either, i get through the one in hand much more satisfied!

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slow progress

stems b

stems c


leaving, but not :)

Leaves and stems for the Ubiquitous Poppy Project:


leaf 2

leaf 3


I really do want to be integrating the neutrals and naturals though in force. I think this one works really well, the golden colour of the rust glowing behind all of the colours, not just the dark ones.  I’m not a purist by any means, though i appreciate the nuances and science that comes to be magic with the right study and patient hand, so using natural and synthetic together seems only right–colour is colour!. Struggling with natural dyes–either i don’t have the right water, or Someone is telling me that the “wrong” results are the ones i should be pursuing! In the meantime, i’m using my stash of glorious hand dyes by other talented artists: no point in hoarding!

I’ve thread-marked the areas where each element will go, but my fingers need a rest tonight–quite sore and stiff from this and the present cold outside! Meanwhile my vasty head whirls with all the ideas for new work, especially involving the parfait dyed pink/purple/red explosion from a few posts back.


I’m im/patiently waiting the arrival of maple leaves from friends–i offered a couple of ecoprinted fabrics with those leaves in return. ‘Twill be interesting to see how travelled leaves print! Everything here is now under 5″ of snow, so the last works will be created with them for this season. I’m thinking that the end of this month will be the winter closure for FybreSpace.