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Calgary stitch class

Karin and i are working hard on getting the information together as fast as we can, as the date chosen is March 20-22, inclusive, in Calgary, Alberta. We realize this doesn’t give a lot of lead time for planning, but hope you will be able to join us for a fast paced and fun workshop using extreme machine and hand embroidery on fabrics you’ll be creating yourself.

We will be sending the more detailed info as to venue ( we have two choices so far that we are looking into) and the costs and supplies as soon as possible.

If you would like to sign up, please email me at arlee dot ar at gmail dot com. This is NOT an online class, but a physical “you must be there” one :)


sail away

What jogs a memory?

colsk1sm  Our smallest cat, Miss Piggy Minoux, is quite sick, thin and getting frail. She’s now having seizures as well, at least 8 of them in the past three days…  and a tumour on her neck, reminding me of my Selena, who died a few years ago with much the same problem.  I called Selena “my little feather” in the last month of her life as she wasted and was reduced to nothing but cuddling on my bed all day long, barely eating, barely moving but purring with unreserved love and appreciation every time i spoke to her or touched her. Selena was 17 when she died, a large part of my life, and Miss Piggy has been with my dear Greyman for 12 years, a tiny “perma kitten” rescued from a wheel well in the coldest part of an Edmonton winter, and loved greatly by her “daddy”. The man is a grumbly curmudgeon with no patience for 99.9% of the world, but a total sap and sucker for animals, a major reason i love him, and he’s going to crumble when the poor puss floats away over the bridge…..

I digress, but not really. Feathers, sailing, floating, blowing in the wind, wafting away in the ether. Yes, a common thread to many, an element of design that catches us all, makes us hold our breath with their beauty and transient life. We tuck them into picture and mirror frames, encapsulate them with thread, suspend them from jewellry, paint, stitch, sketch, poetry them.



And while not floaty, the background for the UPP progresses, slow going at the moment as the day job increases the closer we get to the merry day! I’m not going to have a lot of time after either as there are weddings to attend to as well.

dec12 smThe flower pieces are not attached yet, but putting them there every once in awhile reminds me there are expanses i do not have to work!



Murder averted…..

june 29 pan Cthree quarters to go……18 pieces more….


still seeing red

red bubbles june 10 C


red cars go faster

And so does red stitching when you finally get the foot on the pedal properly :)

two done C

two detail 1 C

two detail 2 CAnd all are actually upside down, but that’s ok!



In my haste to make haste, i forgot an important element i wanted on this work!

Where’d this idea go?

sampling for red winged figureI can *just* squeeze some madder dyed poofs in there….

red oopsieGood thing i’m not TOO fast now :)

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Coming and going and coming Home

Well, there *is* *some* “pre”-excitement happening. How could i forget? On May 25th (soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i’ll be doing a one month residency at ACAD again in the fibre department!!!  I have big plans for big fabric pieces again, using rust and indigenous plant materials and dyes. I hope this year to incorporate some fabric manipulation techniques pre and post dyeing.

And in August, i’ll be doing Yoshiko Wada‘s 2 day “Introduction to Organic Dyes and Pigments for one-bath protein fiber dyeing.” !!!!!!!!

“Ebb and Flow” comes home today. SDA:Alberta had a very successful first exhibit (second post here) at Atlantis Fine Arts, and though she didn’t sell, i’m not sure i wanted her to anyways! I already have a large spot reserved for this piece on my own wall.

All of this, with the recent ideas for new work, has me hopeful that the ground is solid again under my feet. And i’m really itching to get to red cloth again.

bead detail ebhah






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