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8th natural dyeing anniversary sale

To celebrate my loyal customers who have supported me through this adventure, i am offering 20% off EVERYTHING in the shop–that includes sale items, Art and fabrics! As always too, i refund extra postage paid. The discount code is 8AFS, and because the instructions on the form are a bit confusing, after you add the discount code to the little box, make sure you click on the little black circle too!Sale is from Aug 13th to 31st, 2018.

According to this old blog, i started “messing with potions” in the form of natural dyes, sometime in July of 2010. From threads that faded in days, kvetching that most dye books mentioned only wool, smelly jars that resulted in copious ick and mold, and wondering how you knew what to mordant with what, i’ve come a long way to piles of naturally dyed fabrics in strong colours that last, a rainbow of threads and a library that is dependable and exciting. Along the way came knowledge about the history, economics, science, geography, arts and culture, and folklore and fact, so much more fascinating that any synthesized dye! (I won’t say “chemical” dye, as it’s ALL chemistry, even/especially the naturals! 🙂 )

“If it’s worth doing, do it right.” “When in doubt, read the instructions.” Because as my mother always says “You buttered your bread: now you have to lay in it.”

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Art Sale!

Though “The Difference Between A Plum” has just come home, she’s available in the shop, for the discerning art buyer 🙂 A payment plan can be worked out, if all the coins are not in a row. Prices on all listings, by the way, are in Canadian dollars–that means if you’re not in Canada, you can take advantage of a low exchange rate!


tdbap detail 3 on return

tdbap feb13a

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FybreSpace Winter 2015 clearance

There may be sporadic offerings of naturally dyed fabrics through the winter season, but the ecoprinting season is over here in Alberta!

winter closure shop

Enter code WIN15 to save 20% on all fabrics. (Shipping rates are not discounted.) Starting Dec 4 and until all products are gone.


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Rhubarb Pie

Guaranteed not to add calories, or go bad in shipping.

Or give you the runs 🙂 (Remember being dosed with it as a kid for spring tonic?)

rhubarb pie 14 packs available, in the shop now.


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a compendium of miscellany………

foodie photo garden bountySalad last night with everything from our garden–i never thought i’d be a foodie fotografer…….. 🙂 Arugula, bull’s blood beet greens, cukes, carrots, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green onions, snow peas and green beans.mmmmmm

Inspiration underfoot, from the bathroom rug:

inspiration underfoot


New ecoprint experiments, working out the bugs 🙂 These two are mine:

drama reverse


And these two are in the shop:

equinox 1

equinox 2

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5th Anniversary Sale!

I just realized it’s been 5 years since i started my fascination with natural dyes, ecoprinting and natural processes! To honour that, and my loyal and wonderful customers, i am announcing the 5th Anniversary Sale—-use the code 5Nat and get 20% off!!!

I’ll add more as listing space allows, sale ending either on Sept 17th, or when stock runs out. Sale does not include already “on sale” items 😉

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mine and yours, more in the shop

I’ve added a few more pieces to the shop, detail photos below.

asemic brocade detail

bubble bubble b

cotillionus detail

open mandala 1b

totem detail

brocade writing detail 1

And i can’t wait to start my own stitching on these:

mine ]



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