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slowly not so slowly

A more intricate background happening for this one than usual, the twice worked heavier line is a “timey-wimey” one! The interlaced/wrapped backstitch is one of my favourites: it gives a clean line, sharp and clear, and can be used with fine threads or heavier for emphasis. Since my first art love was pen and ink drawings (good old Rapidograph), this is the progression to stitch.

rb b jan3

rb detail wrapped backstitch jan3

rb jan3

It took me three hours to do the groundwork for the top spiral, this morning and this evening i will wrap and fill it in.

Edit: I have decided to go back with the original name for this piece, conceived back in 2012, when i did the original ecoprint, “How The Light Bends” Miss Rose Bottom wanted a little more respect 🙂 Other entries for this under that “category”.


“This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end.”

Sounds dire, no? I have finished all 3 of my exhibit pieces with only the backing and “mounting” systems to figure out. Considering all that has happened this year, the main piece took 8 months! It IS like saying good bye to a friend, one you love very much but at the moment have had quite enough of because she’s always so dramatic and There 🙂

beautiful friend 1d

beautiful friend 1c

beautiful friend 1b

beautiful friend 1

Such a satisfying textural pile in my hands! I wish you could really see the tactility and crunchiness of all this handwork.

I am looking forward now to at least a week of alternating doing NOTHING and revving up sketches and notes for new work.


Strange Soul take Flight…is DONE


in the last hour before this, i added the final stitches

after 8 months of working on it, my brain, fingers and eyeballs hurt

i am going to rest

photographs tomorrow, because i just KNOW that if i really look at it again today, i will find some stoopidly small area that “needs more”–No NOPE NUHUH

so it can sulk and pout

or whatever these things do

until i choose to view it again TOMORROW

as my Mother says

E   N   U    F

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ALWAYS ORDER MORE THAN YOU “NEED”!!!!!!!!!!!! I realized halfway through the second bit for the second element of SSTF, that i was going to run out of the specific embroidery threads i had chosen, threads that have colourways that just can’t be faked. On occasion i have subbed a slightly different solid for something i ran out of, but it ain’t gonna work for this.

My “go to” for good threads with great prices, service and shipping is 123Stitch. As i’ve said before i’d love to be able to support local business, or at the least buy in Canada, but local doesn’t carry–or at least it’s never in  stock when *i* want it—-, and most of “in Canada you say” is twice the price, even with shipping and currency exchange…. poooooooooooooop.

I’m still going to run out of one irreplaceable thread though………

Had to change the use of it so i could have enough to extend over the whole area. (24 to28 left to do….) Fortunately i have others that are a close enough approximation of colour. And unfortunately, one of the done pieces has already gone missing, dragged off no doubt by sundry cats or dog………

4 missing 1b c


1 of them

Only 27-31 to go!

first of many

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Now it’s getting exciting.

sstf thread choice pinion

sstf thread choice pinion 2 Three thread colourways for this element, left is DMC (3042) cotton embroidery floss , the centre one a gorgeous Caroline Bell (aka ThredFairy, see link in sidebar under Dye Hards) variegated hand dyed cotton perle, and the right one a Caron Wildflowers perle variegated colourway called Burnt Toast (062).

And i have to tell you–but won’t show you yet :)–my original plan for this part involved 70 pieces! I resketched, redrew my pattern and am pleased to say i have “only” 28-32 segments to do.

Best get on with it. Having some sunshine today made it easier to choose my colours, and tonight, tonight, we stitch. I fused the rusted cotton to a fine piece of cotton harem-cloth and will go in with a stiff upper lip and a pair of pliers.



These areas are screaming for stitch for the second element of the current work in progress.

sstf second element choices

I’m scared to start–i have such a vision for this part and these are so perfect that i don’t want the fabric to shatter, especially since there will be many small separate parts/shapes. One of the harsh facts of using this process is that the rust weakens the cloth, especially when there are heavier areas of build-up. A chance i must take as i have no love anymore for commercial fabrics, and not so much for synthetic dyes either. (They have their place in my vocabulary, but not in current work.) I’m not experienced enough a dyer to replicate this with Procion or the like either. (maybe paint somewhere down the line, let’s not go there yet, i have enough ideas and sketches and plans as it is…)

I’ll have to test the fused quality tonight, with some scraps. Hopefully that will stabilize enough to prevent some attrition as i work on it, and praying the fusible doesn’t make it more difficult to needle.

I have to accept that my current works may not be as archival, but then i wonder too how long some of the commercial materials used in other artists works will be too–all the fusing, heating, paper and “mixed media” techniques and materials, machine stitching with millions of little needle holes (seen or not), discharging and devore, and gawdz knows what else is popular/trendy/personalized at the time (i grant “personalized” because there are awesome artists who take it all beyond the jump on the bandwagon crowd…..)  Truthfully if i worry about how long my art will outlast my own body, i’ll never make it, so what the hell. I can’t *not* do, it’s part of me now and i ain’t ready to shrivel up and die just yet.

Less talk, more action, off here and out there.             Needle loaded!