Bags of colour=thread porn!

Because i had thought i was going to run out of my trusty Caron Wildflowers “Pebbles” colourway, i had ordered more. (Fortunately, i didn’t run out for “A Birth of Silence”.) When it arrived, i realized my thread drawers were a royal mass of mess! Some of the threads were colour grouped, some were lumped together for dismissed projects and some were just all adanglish and twangled.

I spent a happy three hours sorting, tidying up and organizing. My naturally dyed threads have their own cabinet now as well–what a treat to go to Princess Auto again 🙂 I used to store my flosses on those stoopid little cardboard or plastic “bobbins”, until the day i realized there were almost permanent kinks, and i had waaaaaaay too much to wind this way! I like these little drawered storage units, because the whole floss fits in, unwound and with label still attached, i can see the colours, and they look rather cool grouped on the shelves in the stoodio!  Admittedly though, there are also three drawers in a larger unit, but all the threads there are now bagged, and organized by colour range, thread type or “value” (as in this one is silk, this one is cotton, this one is hand dyed.) I keep ziplocks on hand in various sizes for organizing project use, or possible combinations!

Since i have had some of these threads a long while, there are colours i rarely use now, except as flashes of contrast. It might be time to work some dedicated pieces with less favoured minions.

I thought i had a lot of threads in 2012:

thought i had a lot in 2012Nope. But now i do!


black grey white ecru

oranges specialities blues

white thread cabinet


purples and browns

yellows and reds

red thread cabinet



mostly variegateds

naturally dyed threads

unfiled for project

thread journal

thread journal pages


And with the Canadian dollar so low in comparison to the rest of the world, well, i best be getting on with using what i have! My last purchases worked out (factoring in exchange to US$ and the shipping) to almost 7.25 for each skein, and unfortunately, even if i had bought in Canada, there wouldn’t have been much of a difference in savings……




Art Sale!

Though “The Difference Between A Plum” has just come home, she’s available in the shop, for the discerning art buyer 🙂 A payment plan can be worked out, if all the coins are not in a row. Prices on all listings, by the way, are in Canadian dollars–that means if you’re not in Canada, you can take advantage of a low exchange rate!


tdbap detail 3 on return

tdbap feb13a

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filling the heart








nessie dec 17 2015 ings mine alberta

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home again, home again, jiggedy jig

After travelling for almost 3 years with FAN (Fibre Arts Network), i am so glad to have “The Difference Between A Plum” home again!!!

arlee-barr_the-difference-between-a-plum-cThe deep purple of the iron enhanced brazilwood has muted a bit, but still purpley and wonderful.

tdbap detail on return

tdbap detail 2 on return

tdbap detail 3 on returnI’m craving colour again again, and will be digging through the recently sifted, sorted and re-organized threads. Maybe more work like this, smaller, more manageable and finishable!!! Lord knows too, i have a few “failed” ecoprints to use again, as i had done with this one. Make something beautiful from something ugly!


almost ready to show!

off the listI have the backing to add, the signing and the final pressing, and it will be outahere!


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24 days and counting (still)

off the list

Except that every time i look at it, i see another spot where a pollen grain could go!  Fortunately, i am also a fan of void space on these works, so i THINK i can safely say there are *only* 6 left to do. Maybe 7. 8.12………………STOP!

Off my list by then, i also hope to have this finally finished!

pear fix 1

There’s more done on this actually than the above photo from April 2014, but i want it outahere!

pear fix 2






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FybreSpace Winter 2015 clearance

There may be sporadic offerings of naturally dyed fabrics through the winter season, but the ecoprinting season is over here in Alberta!

winter closure shop

Enter code WIN15 to save 20% on all fabrics. (Shipping rates are not discounted.) Starting Dec 4 and until all products are gone.


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